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Our Commitment –
We at GGPL acknowledge society’s contribution in making us what we are today and understand the importance of giving it back to the Society. We encourage this activity as a part of our work culture. Confirming with our responsibility to contribute, we have undertaken certain Projects as a part of our commitment and will continue to do so in future.
We not only take care of our employees while on duty by offering meals at extremely subsidized rates & providing a congenial working atmosphere, but also on their personal front by undertaking complete pre-natal, delivery and post-natal expenses for their first child irrespective of their rank and expenses involved.
To encourage education amongst the employee’s children without compromising on meritocracy, we offer paid scholarships to all those students scoring distinction in their respective exams.
Apart from the above initiatives there are many more such projects that we carry out for our employees and society at large.
Our Commitment –
To our Customers – We are here to work for them on their most burning issues whether related to printing or otherwise. When it comes to printing, we are ready to take up all the related responsibilities to ensure an error-free products/services within stipulated time. For us customer is ultimate.
To the people of Bidar – As far as our employment policy is concerned, preference is given to locals. Only when requisite skill and knowledge is un-available others are considered.
To our Suppliers / Vendors – We are committed for long term relationship with our suppliers and vendors. We also seek their co-operation for giving us the best quality  products and services at fair & competitive term.
To our Employees – Employees are considered like our extended family members. There is no hire & fire policy here. We are committed to give continuous employment to them. No employee will be removed from employment if they work for + to Customer and + to Company. Employee may loose the job only if he gives minus to Customer or to the Company.
To our Shareholders - The company is equally committed to protect the interest of its shareholders.
To Women Empowerment - Equal rights to women are given with respsect to remunerations, position & repsonsibilities.