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Printing Plant Location

The printing plant is located on a two-acre industrial plot near Bidar, approximately 125 kms from Hyderabad. The plant and buildings scrupulously adhere to all the norms stipulated for security printers by Reserve Bank of India and Indian Banks Association. Bidar being situated in the centre of India, we can deliver the printed material to any part of the country within 2-4 days.

Printing Plant Layout

The printing plant layout facilitates the smooth flow of production, from pre-press operations of preparation of art work, colour separation, platemaking, etc. to multicolour printing with on-line error-free security numbering, and post-printing operations of binding, pinning, cutting, packing and dispatch. All the operations, from design to dispatch of printed material, are done under one roof in an area of 50,000 sq. ft.

Printing Plant Capacity

Equipped with more than 26 work stations and servers, for designing and type setting, we have Softwares & Fonts required for type setting of all Indian Languages and most of the Foreign Languages, Imported softwares to incorporate Anti-Counterfeit features for value Document Printing.
The plant has six independent lines of high-speed multicolour web-offset printing machines. All machines have facility of on-line Security Numbering. The plant has a capacity to print and dispatch over 10 million documents everyday.
We can provide various styles of Numbering / Bar-coding – online and offline, including Variable Data Printing with perforation and folding etc.
For Post Printing, Finishing and Binding we have fully Computerized Programmable Cutting Machines, Automatic wire stitching machines, One Perfect Binding Machine and one 6 station Gathering - double head wire stitching with three knife trimming machine. Two hot foil / hologram stamping machines.
For Packing, we have 3 strapping machines, 2 shrink wrapping machine etc.  
Entire plant is equipped with a power back-up to ensure uninterrupted flow of work
Security Inks
We have in-house expertise and R&D facilities to formulate and manufacture very special and sensitive security inks to print Anti-Counterfeit Features. This facility ensures that we can offer our customers printing with EXCLUSIVE INKS which are made ONLY FOR THEM and are not available with any other security printer or security ink manufacturer, and thus safeguarding them from any attempts for forgery.
Security System
Complying with the RBI stipulated norms for Security Printers, GGPL has a fully guarded campus with a high compound wall on all four sides. The facility is manned round-the-clock by security personnel. All operations inside and outside the building are continuously monitored by remote Hi- Tech Surveillance Equipment. Round-the-clock CCTV monitoring system helps to supervise critical operations.
We have a system of Computerized Attendance, Entry and Exit of employees, as well as for visitors through Biometric Identification.
All possible safety measures are taken to ensure safety and security of printed documents. Click here to download.