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Paper Mill Location :

Specialty Paper Division of GGPL is strategically located in Bidar District 30 kms away from NH9, and just 14 kms from our Security Printing Press.
This plant is located on 6 acres of land surrounded by GGPL’s own 18 acres green fields which has sufficient ground water ideally suitable for quality paper production.
The plant is having all the facility right from pulping till sheeting and packing under one roof.

Stock Preparation & Approach Flow :
We are equipped with heavy duty, high speed pulpers, couple of Conical and Tri-disc Refiners, capable of refining wood pulp as well as cotton fiber. Our excellent cleaning systems feed clean pulp of constant consistency, to the paper machines.
Paper Making : (PM1)

Our first paper machine was commissioned in year 2003 which has twin wire system. This facilitates to make paper of two layers, if needed. It’s unique head box, long forming board with numbers of vibrating rollers give even, uniform and very good formation. It has vertical and horizontal press, battery of dryers with size press. Further, it also has calendaring and pope reeling facility. This German machine has a capacity of 10 metric tons production per day. Recently, we have added well known Computerized Quality Control System which scans and controls grammage, moisture and other vital parameters, which are important for paper quality. This machine can make 86 cms wide reels matching perfectly to international paper size of A4. Though the machine can produce 40 to 200 gsm paper successfully, we manufacture paper between 70 to 150 gsm papers regularly.
Paper Making : (PM2)
Recently we have commissioned our second Paper Making Machine, having facility to manufacture 150 cms wide paper. This Cylinder Mould Paper Machine is getting equipped with latest quality control equipment to control grammage, moisture content, optical properties and caliper of the paper. It also has the facility to give specialty coating and contactless drying for producing SPECIALTY PAPERS.
Finishing :
We have two high speed slitter rewinders of matching capacity which can give joint less and large diameter reels. We are also equipped with exclusive super calendaring plant to add further smoothness and finish to the paper.
In finishing house, in addition to the above we have one sheet cutter and two computerized programmable cutting machines.
Laboratory :
To ensure quality of the output at every stage, we have fully equipped State of Art testing laboratory, where we test various chemicals, raw materials, water and additives at required stages. In the laboratory, we have digital and Quadrant grammage testers, Computerized brightness tester, smoothness tester, porosity tester, bursting strength tester, double fold tester, sheet former, tear tester, tensile strength tester, conductivity tester, sheet former etc.
Effluent Treatment Plant :
As we are aware, paper making needs lot of water and in the process effluent is also generated.
We have full fledged effluent treatment plant which treats this effluent and more than 70% of water is reused for paper making and rest of it is successfully used for irrigation purpose.
Power Back up :
Our entire paper plant is supported by captive power generator sets – 3 Nos. for 1110 KVA
Products-Writing and Printing Paper :
Our products are,
   1. MICR CTS-INDIA paper for secured Bank Documents / Cheques / Drafts etc.

   2. Parchment paper for Certificates and Mark Sheets etc. for school Boards and Universities and many other papers for Printing high security documents and paper for industrial and others specialty applications.

   3. We are also in the process of developing paper for very high security documents.
Anti Counterfeit Features :
Since, most of our paper is used for various sensitive documents, we incorporate different security features which can help to protect the document from counterfeiting. These features are:
   1. Water Mark - Single Tone.

   2. Water Mark – Two Tone.

   3. Water Mark - Multi Tone.

   4. Chemical sensitization and ink adhesion application.

   5. Embedding of Visible and Invisible Security Fibers.

   6. Magic Sparkles.

   7. UV Dull paper

   8. Windowed security thread insertion is under development which will be made available to commercial production shortly.
Other Products - Industrial Paper :
Apart from the above varieties of Writing and Printing paper, we have developed following paper for Industrial Applications
   1. Filter Paper (Automotive and Laboratory Grade).

   2. Electrical Insulation Paper.

   3. Base paper for Abrasive paper.

   4. Base paper for Decorative Laminates.

   5. Seed Germination Paper.
Security Arrangements :
Paper Mill is having Security Arrangements fulfilling the norms laid by Indian Banks Association.
   1. 9 feet high compound wall with 3ft barbed wire fencing above.

   2. Movement of men and material is routed through one gate which is monitored and recorded by security staff.

   3. All sensitive areas are covered by CCTV’S surveillance systems.

   4. All employees are provided Uniforms and Identity cards.

   5. Attendance system through Digitalized Face Reader and punch card.
Certificates and Testimonials :
   1. We are approved by Indian Banks Association (A wing of Reserve Bank of India), for manufacturing the paper for security documents.

   2. Our facility is approved by Bureau of Indian Standards for manufacturing MICR Cheque Paper vides their standardization IS 11087: 1986.

   3. Our Systems are ISO 9001-2008 Certified for manufacturing, Security Paper.
Our Clients :
Various Nationalized and Co-Operative Banks in India use our paper for printing their MICR CTS-INDIA Cheques and Drafts.
 Some of them are:
   1. Dena Bank

   2. Bank of Maharashtra

   3. Bank of India

   4. Canara Bank

   5. Syndicate Bank

   6. Citibank

   7. Bank of Baroda

   8. United Bank of India

   9. Indian Overseas Bank

   10. Union Bank of India

   11. Vijaya Bank
Apart from Banks, many Government and Private Security Printing Presses use our paper for printing of Security Documents.
For Industrial Paper, we are working with customers like:
   1. Grindwell Norton-Saint Gobain.

   2. Axiva Sichen Biotech.

   3. Creative Paper.
We also export our Security Document Paper to:
   1. Bangladesh

   2. Nepal

   3. Sri Lanka, etc.